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Many families and individuals choose cremation as an alternative to traditional burial for a variety of reasons, including the flexibility in memorial options that ensure a meaningful and personalized reflection of the life lived. With our experienced team of funeral directors, Distinctive Life is able to offer affordable cremation services that are still personal and meaningful to family and friends, while being a respectful reflection of your loved one’s life.

As more and more people plan ahead, we hear from many individuals that they don’t want a big “fuss” when they are gone; they “just want to be cremated.” Cremation is a versatile option because it provides ample time for the family to gather, it allows for easy transportation of the remains, and it makes for a simple means of disposition.

Distinctive Life provides several options for families choosing cremation:

• Cremation with Private Viewing
• Cremation with Celebration of Life (Our Facility or location of your choosing)
• Cremation with Visitation and Traditional Funeral Service

Memorial options with a personalized approach:

Distinctive Life offers a large in-stock selection of urns, jewelry, keepsakes and memorial items. It is our mission to provide you with the perfect memorial for your loved one. You imagine it – we will make it happen.

Knowing your options

Cremation is a popular choice because of its simplicity, lower cost, and flexibility. If you are considering cremation, you may have several questions regarding the options available to you. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about cremation.

Cremation is a common method of final disposition and
an alternative to ground burial. It is the process by which high temperatures and evaporation are utilized to reduce a body to its most basic elements.

Many people choose cremation for its simplicity. Some
choose cremation for its cost-effectiveness, though this
largely depends on the other service options selected.
Others choose cremation because of environmental
reasons or the flexibility it affords.

The basic charge for direct cremation can be somewhat
less than immediate burial, but they are often
comparable in cost. The difference in cost arises
primarily from the options selected above and beyond
the basic services. Therefore, the choice between
cremation and burial usually is more a matter of
preference than a matter of cost.

Yes. You may leave written directives for your loved ones to follow. A written plan eases the burden on families and brings a great deal of peace of mind to loved ones at the time of loss. Your local prearrangement specialist or a funeral director can assist you with creating a written plan.

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