Hospice Caregiver Spotlight Winner

"Hospice is about finding hope in each day, giving patients and families control and a say in making decisions."

Hospice Volunteer

Congratulations Rachel Bloom!


Rachel Bloom, LCSW is the Director of Social Services for Yellow Rose Hospice. As a licensed clinical social worker, Rachel has helped families and patients on their end of life journeys for over 20 years. Rachel is passionate about educating the community regarding advanced directives and having open conversations regarding end of life decisions. Often speaking to hospital staff and nursing facilities, Rachel provides continuing education training to professionals and leaders in the community. She is a Texas State notary. In her free time, Rachel is a competitive triathlete and is the mother of three teenage boys.

To learn more about Yellow Rose Hospice, visit their website at www.yellowrosehospice.com

Congratulations Venessa LeBlanc!


Venessa LeBlanc, HA, 25 years ago began her career as a Certified Nurse’s Aide. Venessa felt a strong calling to hospice care, where she has faithfully served for nearly a decade. Houston Hospice selected Venessa because of her passion for understanding and accommodating hospice patients and family needs has earned her the utmost respect amongst her peers. What’s next for Venessa? Her next goal is to become a RN.

To learn more about Houston Hospice, visit their website at www.houstonhospice.org

Congratulations Karla Blanton!


Karla Blanton’s first degree was in economics. After doing the same job for 18 years she was burnt out and no longer had passion for her work. She decided to change her career and went back to school to get a Bachelor’s in Nursing. 

One year after starting her nursing career in a hospital, her heart told her to become a hospice nurse. Karla explains, “I’m not sure anyone chooses to be a hospice nurse. I think it is a calling. At least for me that was the case.” 

Being a hospice nurse brought back Karla’s passion for her work again.  “Every day I get to support patients and their families in probably the most trying time in their lives and that brings meaning to my life,” Karla continues, “People often say ‘how do you do this job?’ I tell them God gives you strength for what he sends you to do.  Where else can you have a job where you see the power of God working in the lives of so many people?”

The people Karla cares for open their hearts and homes to a total stranger at a very vulnerable time in their lives.  Karla acknowledges this and tries to bring them some semblance of peace during her time with them, stating “I love my job as a hospice nurse and feel blessed to be fulfilling God’s purpose for me.”

To learn more about Houston Hospice, visit their website at www.houstonhospice.org 

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