Hospice Caregiver Spotlight Winner

"Hospice is about finding hope in each day, giving patients and families control and a say in making decisions."

Hospice Volunteer

Congratulations Denise Burdick!


I have worked as a hospice nurse for 10 years with the last 2 of those being part of the caring team at Vantage Hospice. I became a hospice nurse after a difficult family crisis and feel this experience helped me understand what patients and their families encounter as they navigate through the changes and challenges at the end of life. I strive to provide hospice care that is a blend of nursing, teaching and ministry. I feel blessed to work with a wonderful team of administrators, chaplains, social workers, aides and a variety of support staff who all truly care about the individual needs of our patients and their caregivers. 

Over the years, I have learned much about living, loving and the importance of relationships. I am in awe of the diversity and uniqueness of mankind, and the unifying truth that we all have been given inherent worth, dignity and purpose. Hospice nursing has enriched my life by teaching me to find joy in the simple things in daily life –smiles, hugs, times of stillness and quiet, the gift of being present with a loved one, kindness, and even tears.  I have 6 adult children and 2 precious grand-darlings. When I am not spending time with my family, I enjoy reading, gardening and outdoor activities.

 To learn more about Vantage Hospice, visit their website at www.vantagehospice.com

Congratulations Rhonda Roumpf!


Rhonda Roumpf is a true patient advocate. After a successful corporate career in retail, Rhonda discovered a new calling in hospice after caring for her aging parents. Rhonda utilizes the same compassion she demonstrates with her own family with all the families she serves. 

Drawing upon years of networking and team building, Rhonda not only makes it her mission to be an expert in hospice care but also being a resource of and for patients as well as other geriatric care professionals she knows are dedicated to compassionately caring for others. Rhonda’s approach extends to everyone she meets and every circumstance she encounters.

 To learn more about Envoy Hospice, visit their website at www.envoyhospice.com

Congratulations Karla Blanton!


Karla Blanton’s first degree was in economics. After doing the same job for 18 years she was burnt out and no longer had passion for her work. She decided to change her career and went back to school to get a Bachelor’s in Nursing. 

One year after starting her nursing career in a hospital, her heart told her to become a hospice nurse. Karla explains, “I’m not sure anyone chooses to be a hospice nurse. I think it is a calling. At least for me that was the case.” 

Being a hospice nurse brought back Karla’s passion for her work again.  “Every day I get to support patients and their families in probably the most trying time in their lives and that brings meaning to my life,” Karla continues, “People often say ‘how do you do this job?’ I tell them God gives you strength for what he sends you to do.  Where else can you have a job where you see the power of God working in the lives of so many people?”

The people Karla cares for open their hearts and homes to a total stranger at a very vulnerable time in their lives.  Karla acknowledges this and tries to bring them some semblance of peace during her time with them, stating “I love my job as a hospice nurse and feel blessed to be fulfilling God’s purpose for me.”

To learn more about Houston Hospice, visit their website at www.houstonhospice.org 

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